About us

My route

I had the chance to swim in the culinary arts with my mom and my grandmother, who gave me this fun taste. I was admitted to vocational school Escoffier in 1998.

I built my career starting as a clerk of kitchen in a residence frames the Lérins Hesperides, then as chef de partie at the restaurant Les Pêcheurs, to follow as head of party turning in the restaurant in the hotel Belles Rives passenger"and finally as head chef in the restaurant the Barbarella

After 10 years of journey, I decided to open my restaurant the coffee maker cracked this small authentic place where I shall discover my passion and Fusion cuisine, a mixture of new flavours and tradition.

I want to thank my family for their help and support in this adventure.

Pourquoi "La Cafetière Fêlée" ?

On me demande souvent pourquoi "La Cafetière Fêlée" ?
et  je réponds souvent avec un petit sourire en coin, "mais pourquoi pas !".
en toute sincérité je ne me prends surtout pas au sérieux,  je mets tout en oeuvre pour satisfaire au meux nos clients et toute mon équipe fait de même.

pour finir je me considère comme une personne bien Fêlée.....

La preuve........